TabxPress-V-II 37

cGMP High Speed Rotary Tablet Press



Detailed Product Description


Suitable for millennium batch size production with uniform tablet size and weight .D, B, BB tooling.TabxPress-V-II

High Speed Rotary Tablet Press (TabxPress -V-II)

The Tablet Press Machine is used for production of simple and precise tablets from powder in Pharmaceutical and relevant Industries.

TabxPress-V-II is a High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Compression suitable for millennium batch size production with uniform tablet size and weight.

  • It is designed in an effort to exceed the highest cGMP requirement to ensure the most economical and efficient tablet production.
  • It is completely separated into three zones i. e. Tablet Compression zone, Machine service zone and Electrical controls zone with PLC Control System
  • The machine offered in three model “D” , “B” & ”BB” Tooling.
  • Simple & Convenient Operation, Changeover, Cleanliness, Operator Protection & Ease to Maintenance.
  • Pre-Compression System to improve compressibility and tablet Quality. 
  • Turret Drive is Central Drive from Closed Gearbox, No Gearing on Turret.
  • Force feed systems with bottom drive for uniform filling to weight consistency.
  • Fast changeover and Easy cleaning designed with Easy removal Weight Adjustment Sector.
  • Upper Punch penetration & Lower Punch scraper seal.
  • Touch screen interface controls.
  • Stainless steel and acrylic glass surrounding.
  • Capacities from 44000 Tablet/Hour to 439000 Tablet/Hour Industrial Productions.
  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316L & noncontact parts AISI 304



Tab Xpress V –II- 37

No of Stations


Type of Tooling


Output Tablets per hour

44,400 to 222,000

Max. Operating Pressure

10 Tons

Max. Tablet Diameter

25 mm

Depth of Fill

20.5 mm

Upper punch penetration

3 to 6 mm

Total Power consumption

9.5 HP / 7 kW

No of Stations


Type of Tooling