GMP Model with vertical / horizontal feed screw


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The Roll Compactor has been designed to provide a single system to convert powder to granules without the use of liquid or binders. Powder is forced between two fixed floating roll to form a “wafer” or densified sheet of material.

 Prism Roll Compactor PRVH is designed to provide the ultimate process flexibility for a wide variety of products. Prism Machines designed to quickly dismantled, and cleaned in order to meet sanitary cGMp requirement.



  • Free flowing granules for Automatic packing
  • Compact granules to reduce package size
  • Dust Free granules to facilitate handling
  • Granules to fill in smaller capsule
  • Granules for Tabletting.



The machine structure designed with in wall type for separate product contact parts, located in processing room, from the mechanical components located in the technical service area.

 Also machine can be designed with wheel mounting for portability.



The Roll Compactor PRVH designed with easy and quick disassembles of contact parts which can be aggressively cleaned without fear of damage.



Prism Roll Compactor PRVH model having feeding system with consisting of parts feeding hopper, horizontal feed screw for metering material and vertical feed screw for pre-compression, de-aviations, transport of feed material to the compaction roll. Also the optional vacuum de-ariation system is available to assist in drawing the entered air from the product.




  • Design confirms cGMP Model.
  • To achieve maximum bulk density and output by optional various types of rolls offered is 1. Plain 2.Corrugate 3. Knurled will be offered.
  • The Roll surface is designed to prevent slippage
  • Feeding system with Horizontal feed screw and vertical feed screw type.
  • AC frequency drive for horizontal feed screw and vertical feed screw.
  • Easy and quickly dismantle all contact parts for cleaning and washing.
  • The side seal is forced against the roll side so that the percentage of uncompacted powder that leaks by is kept extremely you.
  • A scraper is mounted at the bottom and top of the roll to scrape off powder sticking on the roll.
  • The machine is enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure providing for clean operation with no dust discharged into the room.
  • To facilitate the clean up job, the control panel is separate from the basic machine, thus the product contact area can be safely washed down with water.
  • To prevent a possible accident the compacting roll is designed to rotate backward when cleaning.
  • For safety purposes, an Emergency stop Button is provided both on the machine and the control panel.
  • The control panel provided with on-off switch, indicator, digital RPM indicator, emergency stop, etc.
  • Due to machine design, a minimum amount of lubricant is required in material.



  • Roll Cooling Systems: The compacting roll is cooled by a water circulation cooling system for heat sensitive products.
  • Vacuum System: Vacuum System can be provided optionally at vertical feed screw for drawing the entered air from the material before compaction.
  • Inline Granulation: The inline granulator mill can be provided with roll compactor and connected directly underneath at discharge of roll compactor for granulation.





PRVH-200 / 100

Output 100 to 200 kg / Hour.
Maximum Roll Force 25 ton
Roll size (in mm) 200 Dia X 100 w
Roll speed (Step pulley Drive) 5 to 25 RPM
Horizontal Feed Screw Speed 10 to 90 RPM by VFD
Vertical Feed Screw Speed 10 to 90 RPM by VFD
Roll Drive Motor 10 HP, 960 RPM
Horizontal Feed Screw Drive Motor 2 HP, 1440 RPM
Vertical Feed Screw Drive Motor 2 HP, 1440 RPM
Optional Vacuum Pump 1 HP
Optional Inline Granulator 2 HP