Clean Room Partition

Epoxy Powder Coated Galvanize Steel with different types of core


 Clean Room Partitions

1- Description of the structure and technical data:


1.1- Type of the structure:Grooved complex sandwich panel with surface of color steel sheet and insulation core of magnesium oxide board and paper honeycomb (or Aluminum or Rockwool).1.2-Technical Data:

Thickness 50mm
Deflection ≤15mm, safety coefficient K ≥ 3Test condition: span of both ends of the fulcrum is  3 M, the concentrated load is 100 kgs
Thermal Transmission Coefficient K (W/M2.K) 0.75 – 0.85 according to the working condition of test environment
Temperature for Use    – 40 ℃ to +80 ℃
Fire resistance ≥1.00hafter 1 hour Grill, the panel does not lose the integrity and, in back surface ,average temperature rise 133 ℃









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1.3- External Plate:  Color steel sheet of 0.5 mm in thickness.

1.4- Manufacturer: Baoshan Iron &steel CO.,LTD Shanghai  China

1.5- Processing:

The color steel sheet is produced by means of pre-treating, coating, baking and post processing with continuous, ie the method of the roll coating by using a hot-galvanized steel sheet as the base plate.

1.5.1- Pre-treating: The steel base sheet coil would form a film of a combined

metal oxide after degreasing, rinsing, chemical conversion process and sealing treatment, sequentially improving the coat’s adhesive force and the finished product’s corrosion resistance.

1.5.2- Coating & baking: The process consists of a double-coat and double-bake.

First, coat the polyester primer with good adhesive force on the pretreated baseplate, upon baking, then make the top color coat of silicon modified polyester of22 micro in thickness with good weather and corrosion resistances and 2nd baking, thus finally gain the color coated steel sheet with beautiful appearance and good quality.

1.5.3- The product then be coated with wax, covered with protective film and coiled. This coated steel sheet has such advantages as not only light weight, smooth and beautiful appearance of the surface, but good resistance to weather, damp  and chemicals, easy to clean and disinfection etc.

2-  The technical data of coating:

Thickness 0.5 mm
Base plate Hot-galvanized steel plate with zinc 149-154g/m2
1st coating Coating type polyester primer,
Coat Thickness > 14
Pencil Hardness ≥ HB
Luster 60(%) H: >70, M: 40-70, L: < 40
Coat bending 90
Backward impact J ≥ 9
Salt spray resistance ≥ 250 h

2nd coating
Coating type silicon modified polyester
Coat Thickness 22
Pencil Hardness ≥ F
Luster 60(%) H: >70, M: 40-70, L: < 40
Coat bending 90
Backward impact J ≥ 9
Salt spray resistance ≥ 500 h

3- Internal insulation Core

The Internal insulation Core of the partition panel adopts the magnesium oxide modified industrial board , double skin gypsum and industrial fire resistance honeycomb sheets treated specially.


3.1- The modified magnesium oxide board has the merits of non-combustible, non-toxic, damp-proof etc. used as one of the inner core plate and lined by the color steel sheet may further increase the intensity and fire performance of the color steel panel. Used widely as a structure material of the partition panel in clean room project.

The industrial fire resistant paper honeycomb with a special treatment, has the merits of damp- proof, non-combustible, non-toxic, anti-mold, light, compression, and other characteristics. Other than plate structure, Honeycomb has a maximum strength-to-weight ratio, approximate isotropic, structural stability of good tensile. has good toughness and resilience, good sound and thermal insulation performance. It is also a very good green environment protection material.

3.2-The technical data of the internal insulation core


Magnesium oxide Board

Paper Honeycomb

Intensity (kg/m2) 24 12
Unleveled Degree (mm) <0.2 <0.2
Thermal conductivity Coefficient (W/M.K) 0.24 0.1338
Sound Transmission Loss (dB) 30 33
Fire Resistance (H) >1.5 >1


3.1-Frame skeleton is made of galvanized channel profile steel with 1mm in thickness. The frame skeleton of the galvanized channel profile steel not only increase the strength of the panel but also ensures the panel to combine with the shape connection profile being no open joint and the levelness of the  panel partition.



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