TabXPress PTX 26 GMP Mode 

High Speed Single sided Central Drive Pre-Compression Rotary Tabletting Machine


TabXPress – PTX is a high speed single sided central drive Pre compression Rotary Tablet Press suitable for medium batch size production.


TabXPress PTX designed in an effort to exceed the highest cGMP requirement and to ensure the most economical and efficient tablet production. The new PRISM TabXPress PTX features a unique ergonomic design for EASY to Operate, EASY to Fast Changeover, EASY to Clean with minimum down time. The TabXPress Tablet Press is completely separated into three zones i.e. Tablet Compression zone, Machine service zone and Electrical controls zone. The Optional feature of TabXPress-PTX machine can provide with Touch Screen Operate Interface with PLC Controls, which is mounted in a separate electric controls cabinet.


The TabXPress PTX Tablet Press is offered in four different models viz. Tooling 26 Stn “D” Type, 32 Stn “B” Type, 40 Stn “BB” Type.


The Machine Concept:

The basic construction of the machine consists of:

  • Base frame with Stainless steel covering drive Zone.
  • Tablet Compression Zone.
  • Electric Controls Cabinet.



The TabXPress PTX has been completely newly designed according to the most modern ergonomics aspects.

  • CGMP confirms.
  • Fast cleaning and changeover capability.
  • Totally enclosed central drive.
  • Pre-Compression system to improve compressibility.
  • Force feed systems will bottom drive for uniform filling to weight consistency.
  • Contact parts in stainless steel 316 quality.
  • Powder level sensor to ensure quality production.
  • Option: PLC Controllers with MMI Touch screen interface controls.
  • Stainless steel and acrylic glass surrounding.
  • Easy to operate and maintenances.
  • Adjustable upper punch penetrates.
  • Lower punch scraper seal.



The prism TabXPress PTX is designed with solid machine frame for massive and heavy. This frame absorbs all the compression forces via large press roll carrier. However, the current need of the pharmaceutical industries is a sturdy, compact, light weight and mobile press. The technology is an outcome of the above demand. The idea is to link lower and upper pressure roll housing with the rods located as close as possible to the pressure rolls. These tie rods ate subjected to uniform loading and designed to absorb forces of 100 KN without elongation. Spacer bushes act as ‘Pillars’ and maintain a constant distance between press roll housing. The pressure rolls run on eccentric pins which allow easy adjustment of punch penetration and tablet thickness.



The machine is equipped with frequency controlled drive. A large torque can be achieved even at low speed and because of its high regulating speed. The turret is centrally driven by an electric motor with electromagnetic clutch, through rigid reduction gear box. The electromagnetic clutch is installed to protect the electric motor and machine.



The tablet press has wide variety of applications that the large number of materials to be pressed in tablet shape has different characteristics therefore PRISM TabXPress PTX has developed different types feeder systems ranging from a simple gravity feeder to complex forced including the possibility of constant level feeders. The feeder motor is installed in separate machine drive zone with variable frequency controlled to ensure high exception of tablet weight consistency through feeding performance of powder in high speed of the machine. The design of the feeder has been easy to remove and repositioning without any tools. It is fitted with butterfly valve for flow controls of powder and powder discharge chute to empty the feeder. The feeder parts fitted with quick release clamping for easy cleaning.



The machine is equipped with two completely new designed compression Roller Station for pre and main compression.



PRISM TabXPress PTX is facilitated with Pre-Compression station. The Pre Compression helps air leave from the granules in the die and also pre-densities the material prior to the main compression as well as improves the finishing quality of tablet. This feature is especially useful when the tendency of material for capping and lamination is greater. Also the pre-compression station having balance pressure system by hydraulic power pack.



Main Compression has been designed with large diameter rollers to ensure optimum dwell time for the punches under pressure and therefore a tablet is getting good hardness. The both roll mounting on electric pins. The top and bottom eccentric pins are linked via a system of levers to a rod which accommodates the hydraulic cylinder for compression force limitation. The ultimate result is an extremely compact tablet press which is capable of withstanding high loads, with a fair amount of access ot the tabletting zone and mechanical components.



Adjustable upper punch penetration is incorporated as standard feature of the machine. The feature allows changing the level of compression zone in the die. It is beneficial while tabletting difficult products or very shallow tablets. The system also reduces ejection loads and extends punch head and ejection cam life.



Moving parts before sintering when they are still fragile is a delicate look. Removing them from the press requires specific handling systems PRISM TabXPress designs specific needs of any shape tablet with easy shifting and removing.


THE TABLET REJECTION AND SAMPLING GATE:  (Optional with only in PLC controls machine)

This system is provided in PLC controls machine and operated pneumatically. The tablet rejects by system when machine start up and stop, it is set on time basis by PLC. Also provided sampling gate for getting sample as desire time interval.




TabXPress is proposing a S.G. Iron Steel, three parts turret with SS 316 Die Tablet.



Punch tightness can cause severe damage to the press. The lower punch guide is protected by scraper seals which minimize the possibility of tight lower punches caused by the possible ingress of powder in to the punch guide holes. This results in reduced wear and extended tool life and enables the machine to run for longer periods between clean downs.



For smooth operation, all cams are calculated by computer with a harmonic profile to fluent operation and less wear. The upper cam plate designed with single piece cam plate with track for smooth running.



The hydraulic power pack is a unique way of applying compression force. It combines the advantages of selecting constant force or constant thickness of the tablet. The overload release ensures any overloading transmitted to the punches.



PRISM TabXPress PTX designed with features to facilitate Fast Tool Change over through easily removable inter locked weight adjusting section for fast and easy removing and fitting of lower punch and die. Thus, minimizing downtime of the machine. The hand wheel is situated at gearbox with protection cover and indexing rotating arrow.



The automatic intermittent force feed system delivers oil to all major lubrication points. At points where continuous lubrication is required. The main drive includes an oil immersed gearing.



The Tabletting zone has no painted surface and corners to avoid dust traps. The large cabinet combined with acrylic guards gives excellent access area for cleaning. Dust extraction nozzle significantly reduces the dust levels in the tabletting zone. The turret fitted with lower punch scrapper seals for preventing the powder from passing through lower punch guide in to the Cam Track and Lower Roll. This results in reducing downtime between clean periods of the machine running. Also reducing wear and tear of Cam Track and extended tool life.



In High Speed Tabletting, dust extraction is essential. The dust suction nozzles are fitted at compression point with quick release design.



The electric control panel of the machine is situated at the front of the machine. The PLC Touch screen Control Panel can be supplied as optional to replace electric controls. All the tablets parameter i.e. weight adjustment, pre-compression tablet thickness and final tablet thickness are precisely controlled with accurate dials. As all the controls are located outside and front of the machine the can be operated when machine is running. This simplifies the machine setting.



The front side fitted control panel allows easy and safety adjustment of operating parameters and highlights the operator with warning lights and signals. Two emergency stop buttons are provided to stop the machine immediately. All upper guards are fitted with interlock switch with visual warning light at control panel to ensure that the machine is not operated when the guards are in open condition.



The compression area is completely encapsulated and the machine itself is surrounded by sound absorbing covering. The machine is mounted on anti vibration mounts.



PRISM is committed for providing a competitive quality service and to create a long term partnership with you, the client. As a step in this direction we would welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirements and of advising on specific needs or service related to machines.



  • Design confirming to cGMP standards.
  • Contact parts SS 316 and non contact parts SS 304.
  • Simple and Convenient Operation, Changeover, Cleanliness, Operator Protection and Easy to Maintenance.
  • Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product changeover.
  • Single sided compression with higher output of 1,09,200 Tablets/hour in “D” Tooling.
  • Drive system completely enclosed and sealed off from the pressing zone.
  • Pre-compression system to improve compressibility.
  • 3 pc turret with SS 316 die pot.
  • Force feeder system to maintain uniform filling and precise weight.
  • Output, main pressure, pre-pressure, punch penetration and filling does can be fine tuned during the operation and filling does can be tuned during the operation of the machine at the control panel in front of the machine and outside the compression area.
  • Totally enclosed central drive system.
  • Ability to handle difficult products easily due to pre compression facility.
  • Precise weight control manually in front of the machine.
  • All tablet parameters can be tuned during operations from outside the tabletting zone.
  • Ensures hygienic production condition and operator safety. Ensures hygienic production condition and operator safety.
  • PLC with control for powder level monitoring at feed hopper.
  • PLC with control for powder level monitoring at feed hopper, Powder level sensor, Rejection (during start & stop) & random sampling device.





No. of Stations 26
Type of Tooling D
Output Tablets per hour 15,600 to 109,200
Max. Operating Pressure (Main) 100 KN
Operating Pressure (Pre pressing) 18 KN
Max. Tablet Diameter 25 mm
Max. depth of Fill 20 mm
Max. tablet thickness 9.5 mm
Main Electric Motor 5 HP / 3.75 kW
Powder Feeder Motor 0.5 HP / 0.37 kW
Hydraulic power pack motor 1 HP / 0.75 kW
Lubrication motor 0.25 HP / 0.18 kW
Total Power consumption 6.75 HP / 5.06 kW
Overall Dimension (cm) 131 X 100 X 200
Net weight 1500 Kg
Case Dimensions (cm) 150 X 120 X 220
Gross weight 180 Kg



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