Dissolution Tester HTY-Eu802




1. The main stainless steel frame is trapezoidal which improve the operational stability.

2. The worktable is surfaced with Teflon which prevent erosion caused by acid and alkaline.

3. The whole water bath container is manufactured at one time to avoid leaking.

4. The water bath is heated directly by energy efficient electric heating system, which improves the heating speed considerably.

5. Gas pump is used to provide water bath circulation,which avoids negative influences caused by vibration of traditional circulation pump.

6. Leverage balance principles are applied to lift/lower the main engine, which improves the speed of moving and location.

7. Integrated scales are used to locate the paddles automatically, which ensures that paddles are located conveniently and precisesy and 8 paddles can be mounted at one time.

8. The special techniques of the rotating parts ensure the stability of rotation paddles.

9. Data printing function enables operator to record experiment data at real-time and trace the data.

10. A buzzing warning will remind operator to sample, the sampling time can be reset at will.

11.  Programmable “wake up” function.

12. Both Chinese and English are available for operating system.




1. Oar pole librate extent<0.5mm

2. Librate extent of transfer to baskets<1mm

3. Rotation speed:25~250rpm

4. Control precision of speed<=2

5. Water bath temperature’s controllable range:Ambience ~ 45

6. Resolution of temperature for the water bath: 0.1

7. Power consumption of heating system:800W