Lightning Fixtures for Clean Room



Technical Features:

  • Strong-featured housing in weatherproof construction
  • Diversity of light distributions
  • Ballast compartment isolated
  • Powder coated finish
  • To be used for indoor and outdoor use


Square/rectangular model fixture constructed from elector-galvanized metal housing, welded to form a sealed enclosure. Standard ballast is mounted integrally within the fixture, and available in 220 volts. Standard fixture is suitable for “T” Bar ceilings. Fixtures are approved for indoor and outdoor “wet” locations.


Has a mirror like surface made from high purity aluminum/or SS, with specific photometric qualities to reflect light. When placed behind a lamp, the “reflector” reflects a minimum of 95% of the light output in the direction required.

PIONEER VISIT 23-05-2011 041IMG_5823



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