ILE Pharmaceutical Materials , is  high-tech enterprise in national level, engages in R&D in the field of high-molecule materials and business related. It is one of the leading manufacturers of polymeric coating materials in China, with its products ranging from EASPRAY™ Complete Film Coating Systems, EASCOL™ Enteric Film Coating Systems and EASTROL™ Sustained Release Coating Systems, whose quality have perfect representation.

In 2002, ILE invested RMB 43,000,000 in the new factory in Huayuan Hi-Tec Industrial Area of Tianjin. The factory is the first one conforming to GMP Standard in term of Excipients for pharmaceutical industry equipped with the most advanced production equipments in China. In 2003, the new pharmaceutical materials (Polymeric Film Coating Products) were given the recognition award for high tech industrializing by Tianjin City . In 2004, the sustained release coating material was listed as national level new product by Science & Technology Ministry.


ILE is focusing on development of pharmaceutical and food related, under the aim of which, ILE sets its goal regarding company¡¯s growth and operation in the following 5 years. Through the new product¡¯s industrialization and know-how proprietorship, gather financial investment from all channels to form an Corporation with management structures, establish the medical device and pharmaceutical divisions within 5 years.


ILE Company History

During the initial stage, ILE was launched with the help of high technology and developed polymeric film coating agents. Its first products were well received by the market immediately when it was put into sales in 1996. With further efforts put into technology, ILE has perfected its products quality gradually and make “Customer is our centre” as ILE Company Policy. Several years later, ILE has developed into a medium-sized, private owned pharmaceutical enterprise with no less than a hundred employees with annual production capacity of over one thousand tons film coating materials.

Meeting customer total satisfaction is always ILE business strategy. Today, equipped with outstanding product technology, first-class hard ware facility and high-efficiency workflow, ILE is providing high-quality products and professional service. Every person in ILE is practicing our common belief: “I Like Excellence.”