Auto Sampler Dissolution Tester HTY-DS803




Technology Parameter:



1. 8 vessels system

2. Paddle swing: <=0.3mm

3. Basket swing: <=0.8mm

4. Speed range: 25-250rmp

5. Speed Accuracy: <=2

6. Waterbath temperature range: 5(Ambient) ~ 50

7. Waterbath temperature resolution: <=0.2

8. Power of heating system : 800W

9. Proper  alignment of paddle and dissolver cup: <=1.5mm




1. Sampling path: 8

2. Max.sampling times: 15

3. Max.sampling interval: 999minutes59seconds

4. Min.sampling interval: First time in 1 minute, following4 ~ 6minutes.

5. Continuous running time: 999minutes59seconds*15 

6. Sampling filter cycle: <30 seconds

7. Sampling (fluid infusion): 1ml ~ 10ml

8. Sampling accuracy: <=0.3ml



Features & Function

Dissolution tester:


1. Having automatic synchronous feed device, realize synchronous feed during paddle testing.

2. Frame adopts special trapezoidal steel structure to improve the stability when the machine runs.

3. The whole water bath is molded by one time, to avoid leaking of the water bath..

4. The water bath is heated directly by tubular electric heating system, which can use the energy sufficiently and effectively, to speed heating.

5. Head fluctuation apply principles of leverage balance by man, Head can fluctuated and posited fast.

6. Using localized scales to locate the paddles automatically, to ensure the paddles located conveniently and accurately, and locate 8 paddles at one time.

7. Data printing, the experiment data will be recorded in real time which can be traced.

8. Preheat setting the time of “wake up”, the system will run automatically.

9. Choice of Chinese or English for operating system.




1. Sampling needle can automatic rise up/down, meet the reliability of pharmaceutical dissolution.

2. Adopts closed cycle control way, no left cubage in whole pipeline.

3. Sampling system adopts precision injection as sampling power, improve sampling precision.

4. 15 digit test tube rack, max.120 test tube.

5. High chemical stable Teflon tube has excellent Anti-absorption.

6. Having equivalent feed function.

7. silicone rubber seal cap in sampling tube avoids evaporating and being polluted.

8. Return cycle technology before sampling, avoiding cross polluted.

9. Eight path independent tube system can meet the contrast requirement between blank sample and standard sample during dissolution test.