Shanghai Xufa Pharmacy Machinery Co., Ltd., is professional pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer and exporter in China.

Our main products are some production Linked line such as Full Auto-production Linked Line with Washing Machine, Oven, Filling Machine and Sealing Machine For Ampoule ((Bottle); Full Auto-production Linked Line For Penicillin Bottle, Mould Bottle, Oral Liquid Bottle; Full Auto-production Linked Line with Washing Machine, Oven, Separate Filler For Powder Medicine, but also develops some unit equipments such as Series JRSH Cleaning Air Circulating Heating Oven, Series ACQ Ultrasonic Ampoule Washing Machine, Series XCQ Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine, Series GMSU Tunnel Type Sterilizing Oven, Series HGS Liquid Filling and cork-Putting Machine, Series ZG Capping Machine, Model TLJ-1 Labeling Machine and their mating products.

These production linked lines and unit equipments are all accord with G. M. P Standard and FDA Standard.

Our products have been sold through out China and have exported to many foreign countries and regions around the world such as Australia, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bengal, New Zealand, Russia, etc.