Clean Room Window


(Pharmaceutical/Veterinary/Cosmetics and Food Industries)




Clean Room Window for Hengwei clean room system is double glazed, and flush with both sides of the partition (45-50mm). Each window unit is constructed of two panels of double layered and laminated safety glass. Each panel includes a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film laminated between two layers of glass. The two panels sit within a structured framework, and air fills the space between the two panels.

The window system is especially considered for the cleaning needs of the pharmaceutical clean room. It is fully silicone sealed, and includes a micro-perforation SS profile with an integral silica gel moisture absorption method, designed to remove fogging. Rounded corners add to the strength of the clean room window unit and improve their appearance. 

Hengwei windows can be in conventional and modular partition systems.

  • Distinctive rounded corners
  • Double glass and safety film
  • Big glass window is available
  • Completely flush to the wall



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