Steam Heated GMP Model.




Fluid Bed Technology offers an effective and efficient method for mixing, drying and granulating. The machines and components having technical specification as following. 




The Fluid Bed Equipment has a bed of solid particle which are fluidized by passing a stream of air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and driers the solids. Fines get agglomerated to larger granules particles thus providing large size. 


1) Product Container

MOC S. S. 316 & provided with the S. S. 316 Dutch Hollander sieve and perforatedPlate for proper air distribution & also sampling pot provided on the Container and eye glass.

 2) Container Trolley: MOC S.S.304 pipe & fitted on 4 Nos. wheels.

 3) Retarding Chamber & Top Disc: MOC S.S. 316 material & made out in single piece construction.

 4) Filter Bag Housing and Shaking: In between the retarding & expansion chamber, there is a resting step and the food grade rubber tube with S.S. 316 frame fitted with filter beg , which holds at step and holding the filter bags. When air is supplied to the rubber tube, it expands and locks the filter bag from all sides. The filter bags is also supported at the top by a pneumatic cylinder that does auto shaking of filter bag periodically based on timer set value.

 5) Explosion Vent: As per standard practice explosion vent or rapture disk is provided at the rear end of the drier. The disk is made from aluminum and tested at 2 kg/cm².

 6) Bottom Chamber MOC S. S .304 sheets 3 mm thick. It has a sloping bottom with a drain plug.  It also consists of a sealing of product container.

 7) Blower Assembly: Centrifugal blower casing made out of S.S. casing mounted at outside the production area and Blower made from Aluminum with dynamically Balanced.

 8) Container Sealing Mechanism: Pneumatic sealing mechanism by means of inflatable tube.

 9) The Rear Chamber assembly for Inlet Air/ Inlet Air Handling Unit- : 

TheAHU Manufactured out of 24 SWG of S.S.304 quality sheet inside and out side. The AHU consist of Filter in Aluminum frame construction complete with non woven polyester media sandwiched between 2 layers of HDPE Type EU3 20 micron & 5 micron filters, 0.3 Micron HEPA Filter, Stainless Steel Steam Heating Coil and Pt -100 temperature probes are fitted to measure and control the air temperature.

10) Heating Battery: As stated in above and suitable capacity steam coil is provided in S.S. 304 which heats the air at the required temperature. Pt -100 temperature probes are fitted to measure and control the air temperature.

11) Temperature Controls: Temperature sensor with Controller provided for Inlet Air, Product and Exhaust Air.

12) Electric and Pneumatic Control panel inbuilt with Automatic Advance PLC based with MMI  TOUCH SCREEN – Monogram :

PLC Control Panel inbuilt with Advance Programmable Logic Controller Micrologix-1200 Make Allen Bradley with Pro Face Touch Screen for Man and Machine Inter Face. OR Other make Like Siemens/ Hitachi/Mitsubishi The system Controls following complete process.

(a)   Process time controls – Auto ON-OFF

(b)   Process Inlet Temperature Controls.

(c)   Out Let Temperature Display.

(d)   Inlet, Outlet and Chamber pressure display.

(e)   Powder escapes system – stop machine.

(f)    CIP- Automatic cleaning/ Washing cycle system – Auto Operating.

(g)   Blower Motor Ampere Display.

(h)   Safety :

  • Auto overload – stop.
  • Explosion flap ensures that there no damage to the person operating the machine if there is an explosion inside caused by mixture of air and dust.
  • Blower stops if the air pressure in filter bag locking gasket drops below the set value.
  • Blower can’t be started unless the container is properly positioned.

 13) Automatic Shaking System

For shaking of the filter bag automatically. It consists of pneumatic shaking of the filter bags. Automatic open/close of the outlet & inlet damper.

 14) Safe earthling system

Consists of Specially manufactured spring loaded dual ear thing device duly connected with a low voltage relay to absorb any static charge development and to trip the motor.

 15) Powder escapes prevention system- Incase of bag failure (tearing) this system will sense the Fluidized solid particle going out of exhaust and immediately switch off the blower with alarm to prevent the loss of material.

 (16) Clean In Process System -OPTIONAL

CIP system consists of on nozzle spraying water and rotating at high sped inside the main chamber. These are connected by solenoid valve system with three different washes like, Soap water, Hot water and DM water to spray inside the bowl one after another. Customer has to provide for sufficient volume water of each type to our CIP wash central unit, which is mounted on trolley. Thus three connections for various water type should be provided in the same room and near location of FBD so that these connections can be made easily for CIP wash Our scope of supply includes high pressure pump in SS 304 mounted on trolley, Solenoid Valve and 5 meters long high pressure hose for connect the pump to spray nozzles, One no. spray nozzles and triclove fittings.

 17)  Differential pressure gauge

Magnehelic differential pressure gauge which can measure pressure differential across air handling HEPA filters, across product bed and across filter bag in the retarding chamber.

 18) Compressed Air Required:  Pressure at 6 kg/cm² required for Auto Shaking and Pneumatic sealing.




  • Design confirming to latest CGMP norms.
  • All the contact parts are of SS 316 and non contact parts will be made from SS 304.
  • Filter Bag fitting by inflatable silicon rubber tube.
  • Pneumatically operated gasket for sealing of product container.
  • Backward curved centrifugal blower.
  • Integrated retarding chamber cum filter bag housing.
  • Positive earthling arrangement.
  • Auto pneumatic filter bag shaking with timers.
  • Explosion flap duly fitted with aluminum material.
  • Sampling port on Product Container.
  • Auto temperature controller for steam radiator.
  • Damper at inlet and outlet air flow.
  • Single piece construction with modular type designs.
  • Inspection glass window for process visualization.
  • Bowls inter locking mechanism for product and process safety.
  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure gauge.
  • Complete automatic advance PLC Controls with MMI Touch screen monogram.
  • Double scan Inlet air handling unit with pre filter (10 micron), final filter (5 micron), HEPA filter (0.3 micron) and Steam coil. MOC of AHU is inside SS 304 and outside powder coated.
  • Powder Escape prevention system.
  • Additional product bowl of SS 316 and trolley.



  • Safe earthling for static current.
  • Explosion flap ensures that there no damage to the person operating the machine if there is an explosion inside caused by mixture of air and dust.
  • Blower stops if the air pressure in filter bag locking gasket drops below the set value.
  • Blower can’t be started unless the container is properly positioned.
  • Blower stop if tired filter bag.



  • FLP Motor and Push Button Station.
  • CIP / WIP wash system.





PFBD – 50

Container Volume in Liters 180 liter
Batch Capacity in Kg 50  kg
Drying Temp in ° C 40 to 85 c
Blower Motor 10 hp / 7.5 Kw
Approx Steam Consumption in kg/hr at steam pressure  3 kg/cm² 50 kg/hr.




Model Container Volume Batch Capacity Drying Temp. Blower Motor Heating loads Steam consumption







PFBD- 30



Atm. to 85




PFBD -60



Atm. to 85




PFBD -120



Atm. to 85




PFBD -200



Atm. to 85




PFBD -250



Atm. to 85




PFBD -300



Atm. to 85



PFBD -500



Atm. to 85