With online milling system GMP Model





Rapid mixer Granulator series is characterized by the compact construction, modern design and the entire user and maintenance friendly attributes which form the ergonomics design aspects are essential for a wide range of application.



  • Mixing
  • Homogenizing
  • Humidifying
  • Granulating
  • On line Milling


  • High Mixing Precision.
  • Short Batch Time.
  • Problem free Cleaning.
  • On line Milling process.
  • Residue Free Discharge.

As the guarantee for optimum system available in strict compliance with the stipulation of cGMP.



The RMG performs dry mixing & wet granulating by basic design of the special four arm of the mixing impeller and sequences of the mixing process in the cylindrical mixing drum with rounded connection to the base plate, achieve another special effect. The mixing process runs without varying pressure zone in the volume of mixing product. Separately driven multiple choppers can effectively intensify the mixing result in particular when liquid or paste components are added. During humidifying and granulating process of the products the chopper controls and regulates the granular spectrum and structure of the granules according to the product, chopper shape and time. The RMG system requires only small quantities of granulating liquid or pastes to obtain the required granulate structure. This reduces the amount of drying energy required.




  • Design confirms to cGMP Model.
  • Contact parts SS 316 and non contact parts of SS 304
  • Easy to clean.
  • All mechanical and electrical elements are installed so the machine is ready for operation.
  • The seals are cleaned by Air purging system so that the areas around the seals are germ free and the receipt can be discharged in the shortest time possible.
  • Pneumatic operating discharge and Main Lid pneumatic lifting.
  • Pneumatic Panel with pressure switch, air filter and solenoid valve.
  • AC Frequency Variable speed drive for main impeller and chopper motor of RMG.
  • Complete automatic advanced PLC Controls with function Key MMI.
  • Online milling system fitted on discharges of RMG with interchangeable size of different mesh size 8, 6, 4 mm. The design of blade and sieve is cone type.
  • AC frequency Variable drive for variable speed for milling.
  • Extra 3 nos. i.e. 8, 6, 4 mm sieve with machine.
  • Provision for CIP System – only 1 no. spraying ball is provided at lid of the machine and to be connected with user’s CIP system.
  • Discharge / Machine Orientation to suit customer’s site.




  • FLP Motor and Push Button Station.
  • System to add the binder/ liquid by peristaltic pump.
  • Pneumatic lifting for main impeller by 100 mm for inspection and cleaning.



  • Total drive transmission system enclosed
  • Limit switch installed in the top lid ensure lid is closed
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit.
  • Limit switch installed in the discharge flange to ensure closed.
  • Limit switch installed to ensure Fluid Bed bowl is kept underneath at discharge.





PRMG-150 Liters

Gross Volume in liter. 130 Liters
Working Volume in Liter. 100 Liters
Working Volume in Kg. 50  Kg
Main Impeller Motor 15 hp / 11.25 Kw
Main Impeller speed 30 to 165  RPM BY VFD
Chopper Motor (HP) 5 hp / 3.75 Kw
Speed of Chopper Blade 1000  to 2800 RPM BY VFD
Online milling Type Cone mill
Cone Mill Motor 2 hp / 1.5 Kw
Milling speed 30  to 1440 RPM BY VFD
MOC-Contact Parts S.S.316




Model GrossCapacity Working Capacity Loading Capacity Mixing Impeller Motor Mixing Impeller speed ChopperMotor Chopper speed
Liter Liter Kg. HP-Dual RPM-Dual HP-Dual RPM-Dual
PRMG-50 50 40 20 3/5 65/130 1.5/2 1400/2800
PRMG-100 100 80 40 7.5/10 65/130 2/3 1400/2800
PRMG-150 150 120 60 10/15 65/130 3/5 1400/2800
PRMG-300 300 240 120 22.5/30 65/130 3/5 1400/2800
PRMG-400 400 320 160 35/40 65/130 5/7.5 1400/2800
PRMG-600 600 500 250 45/60 65/130 5/7.5 1400/2800
PRMG-750 750 600 300 45/60 65/130 5/7.5 1400/2800
PRMG-1000 1000 800 400 63/85 65/130 10/15 1400/2800
PRMG-1200 1200 1000 500 63/85 65/130 10/15 1400/2800