DPP 260 KI Blister Packing Machine



  • TYPE: 

            – DPP260KI 


             –  All the main parts are made of high grade stainless steel and alu-alloy material.

             –  The production efficiency is rapidly increased by holding two rolls of forming foil with large diameter to reduce

                 frequency of replacing material, equipping cut and path station for easy and fast replacing of material, using

                 fast lock method enable replacing of sealing material easily done within 10 seconds, adopting waste foil cutting

                 method enables continuous production elides stop machine to settle waste foil collecting roll. 

             –  Separate the operation zone and transmission zone stops pollution and make daily clean work easier.

             –  Servo motor enables precise synchronization, feeding length can be randomly set through the HMI.

             –  Universal mechanism enables Al/Pl (heat forming) switch to Al/Al (code forming) easily by changing moulds and

                 feeder. (Have applying for national patent).

             –  Big break in feeding method for Al/Al packing enables fast feeding speed for irregular shape tablets.

             –  Novel mould oriental mechanism satisfied the common request on fast change for moulds.

             –  Sealing cylinder is put inside machine body to improve machine structure. (Reduce the center of gravity, increase

                 the stability of machine, and have applying for national patent).

             –  High punch frequency: Al/Pl≤70 punches/min; Al/Al≤50 punches/min.

Max.Punch Speed: AL/PL: 70 times/min
AL/AL: 50 times/min
Max.Production Capacity: Al/Pl: 400,000 pills/hour
Adjustable range of stroke: ≤160mm (normal standard), can be custom made
Max.Forming Area: 245×112
Max.Forming Depth: AL/PL: 12mm
AL/AL: 12mm
Specification of packaging material:(width of material: 130-260mm) Medicine PVC: 260×0.25 (0.15-0.5)mm
Heat-sealing PTP:260×0.02mm
Forming AL: 260×0.12(0.10-0.18)mm
Total Power: 9.6 KW
Main motor: 2.2 KW
Forming heating plate: 2×1.5 KW
Sealing heating device: 1.2 KW
Air Pump(Air Compressor)Volume flux: ≥0.38m3/min
Dimensions of overall machine(L×W×H) : 3940×720×1580mm
Dimensions of packing case(L×W×H) : 4100×880×1740mm
Separate packing case 2000×880×1740mm and 1550×880×1740mm
Weight: 1800 kg